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Customs settings

Customs Description

A field from the item master data can be selected here.
The customs description is a mixture of item designation and commodity code designation.
The language of the label should be in English, French or any other language accepted by the country of destination.

Customs tariff number

A field from the article master data can be selected here.

Country of origin

A field from the article master data can be selected here.

Revenue account groups for items to be ignored for customs clearance

In this area, revenue account groups can be selected which should be ignored for customs clearance.

Export type designation

The corresponding description of the goods that you are exporting is entered here.

Field for MRN in receipt

Here, the extra field from the receipt is selected for the MRN issued by customs.
The electronic processing of export shipments with a value of more than €1,000 is mandatory.
The MRN number is the customs registration number that enables the customs authorities to identify and process your export packages in the Atlas customs system.
It is the main reference for the customs declaration and the most important link to your export goods.

Other information : (MRN tracking)

Field for EKAER/SENT in receipt

Here you can define a receipt field for reading out the EKAER/SENT numbers.
These numbers are required when shipping certain goods to Hungary or Poland.


This function is currently only supported by the transport service providers FedEx and DHL Express.
Deposit an image file here with a signature for the electronic customs declaration.

With FedEx, the data is automatically provided when it is needed.
From DHL Express, you must be activated for „Paperless Trade“ and select the option of the same name in the shipping dialog.