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Shipping status

Shipping status pending

All receipts that are ready for dispatch are displayed. This list is compiled in the required cycle from the documents created in the ERP.
Receipts that are set with a delivery condition of „none/ignore“ are not displayed.
Receipts that are set with a payment term of „payment in advance“ are only displayed if the open item has been cleared.

Shipping status done

All receipts for which a shipment has already been created are displayed.
In this way, additional packages can be recorded and sent for a receipt that has already been sent.
application example:

  • Forgot to send another package.
  • You need to send multiple parcels cash on delivery, but the carrier only supports single parcel shipments.

Shipping status all

All receipts are displayed, including receipts that have already been completed or whose dispatch type is set to „none/ignore“.

Period of time

The period limits the receipts by date and by default extends one month in the past. It can be adjusted as desired in this field.
With a click on „update“ the receipts are reloaded.

A search term, e.g. receipt number, name, etc. can be entered in this search field.