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Dangerous goods settings

We only handle dangerous goods with ADR.

The abbreviation stands for „Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route“,
what translates to what is known as the „European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road„.

Please ask your dangerous goods officer about the marking!

Process dangerous goods data

Dangerous goods are to be processed and the transport document printed out.


Should the transport document be printed immediately when the shipment is created or collected at the end of the day.

Number of copies of the transport document

The number of shipping documents to be printed per shipment can be selected here.

Number of copies of the transport document (EQ/LQ)

For dangerous goods shipments that only contain EQ and LQ, the number of transport documents to be printed per shipment can be selected here.

Field selection for dangerous goods processing

The source fields of your ERP system can be set here, from which ShipXpert gets the required data.

Target unit quantity conversion

A quantity conversion can be set here.


An item is sold in liters but the pack size is 5 liters per canister. A quantity conversion from liters to pieces is then stored in the ERP system (in this case 5:1).
So if 20 liters are sold, the quantity conversion results in 4 pieces (canisters). If no quantity conversion is found, the conversion remains 1:1.


Dangerous goods usually have to be explicitly approved by the transport service provider.

ERP-specific dangerous good settings:



Currently available for: see Produktmatrix